Instagram Photo Diary #2

Ciao belli,

last week I have been very busy because of work AND university therefore I wasn't able to post many entries. My loyal company my iPhone, which I never leave home without, has accompanied me and we made beautiful photos for you of our impressions. So you also get a little insight about my last week, which has mainly taken place in the city center because I mainly work there and there is always something to see.

Enjoy some other and closer views on Hamburg where the summer has arrived. I have to say we have many tourists here. Enjoy as well some sayings à la J.K.

 St. Petri church - the main one

 Thanks to the best brother on the world ♥
 I love my babies ♥
 My beloved Giulsy owns
Another picture my Giulsy owns - Sometimes you have to stop to start something new
 My two best friends are from Italy and my special most  cherished someone has Spanish 
roots ♥
 The beautiful balcony of our townhall

 Welcome to Hamburg I'm looking forward to see you here
 ...and where do you find your style?
 Pass by! ... or come across
 Baby you're long!
 You always admire the sights of the city but you always forget about the little details
 We are at the same place but we have all a different story to tell

 Smile sweetie, just smile.
I always wanted to see the world through your glasses.

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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