In The End The Unity Is Better..

There is something I have been observing for a longer time and as the limit was broken today I've decided to share my opinion on it with you and give you a golden advice on your way.

Dear girls, for the fashion goddess' sake... Is it so difficult to wear the bra in the same color of your top, blouse etc...? Wear at least skin color please.
I didn't know that this colorful bra-top-combination has been established as a trend. I would never wear it because it's just tasteless and ugly...

With these words I've announced this post on my Facebook page and already got some agreements from my fans - once again I want to remind you that if you haven't liked my page yet do it now.

Nowadays we are lucky enough that the underwear industry has advanced so much that it doesn't leave any wish open. From clear to sexy ones.

Especially in summer or spring these fashion faux-pas are seen more as you usually wear brighter and more transparent clothes and those with less cloth (neckholders, strapless).
We either have the skin-color bras for such clothes or those with transparent backs and straps or such from which you can take off the straps. Personally I prefer the straps and skin colors because they are more comfortable and you don't have to check on your clothes fitting well all the time.

Bra - C&A; earrings - SIX; dress - L&B, name-necklace - Lolli

In any case here are the rules:

  1. BLACK is worn with BLACK - usually. It also works with a black transparent blouse.
  2. WHITE on the contrary is a false friend and worn with SKIN COLOR because white is a strong color which would be seen undernearth. For transparent clothes white bras are okay.
  3. EVERY OTHER COLOR (pink, purple, etc.) is usually ADAPTED, if not the rule with the skin color always works.
Bra - C&A; dress - L&B; necklace - Iam; bracelets - Claire's

Bra - C&A

Bra - Karstadt; clutch - Banani; high-heels - Style In; feather earrings - Expressions; name-necklace - Lolli; dress - C&A

I went without showing you some faux-pas examples because I didn't want to show anybody up but give you a golden advice. I hope I succeeded by that and remember same goes for pants.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Hi my friend!!! love the dresses and your fashion tips!! the lace one is sooo beautiful!!!
    have an awesome day!!!

    1. Hey my beloved ♥ Your comment made my day - soon I will give more tips!


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