Happy Birthday Fall4Me! ♥


last Sunday my blog became one year old. This is of course a very special occasion which had to be celebrated. But as I was too busy with work and university on May 26th, one of my best friends and I did it yesterday with the celebration of her school graduation. She even brought me a little gift in order to that. Cheers!

However on that Sunday I got many messages and SMS' from my friends who congratulated me for my blog's first birthday.

So we allowed ourselves some quality time and of course she helped me with the surprise for you I've talked  about, a little video.

Special thanks to my best friends and mother 
for helping me behind the scenes, to my famous
followers for their support, the fashion bloggers 
for inspiration and cooperation my male followers 
and those who just support me because they are 
my friends and of course all of you for your 
love and support ♥

And here are some statistics after one year of blogging:
- Blogviews: 7970
- Blog-entries: 133
- Facebook fans: 231 (73.1 % female, 26.9 % male)
   Top five countries: 81 from Germany (vielen Dank!), 38 from Estonia (suur aitäh!), 20 from Finland
(paljon kiitoksia!), 15 from the USA and 10 from Great Britain (thank you very much!)
- Twitter: 7 followers, 178 tweets
- Fashiolista: 286 loves, 43 finds, 23 followers
- Lookbook: 7 fans, 58 karma

Here is my personal statement about one year of Fall4Me: I've built something up whic is my passion and which I can identify with, it has improved a lot and it is on a good way and you make it possible.

And here is my look of the day and with my dog. dressed in my power colours purple and blue with feathers and black and silver accents.

Earrings - Bijou Brigitte, necklace - Iam, watch - Chanel, bracelet - Claire's, bolero - New Yorker, top - L&B, leggings - Falke, sandals - Texto

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Everything began with this blog entry about cherry lips.

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