Even Accessories Of The Month Aren't All-Rouders...

Hello sweet ones,

latest after the Chucks have been elected to the Fall4Me accessory of the month May they have become a timeless trend for every age and both genders.
Still that doesn't mean that you always have to wear them as if you didn't have any other shoes.

A photo worth gold - hardcore chill w/ style

Chucks are very good for (warm) spring days, dry ones(!) or fall days - if you want - nothing else.
  • In winter or wet days you will only ruin your shoes and harm youself and your health because chucks are made of cloth and rubber. Materials which both suck the wetness and cold and pass it to your feet. If that happens you can easily get sick because your feet are a core point from where you can catch a cold - or worse a flu. After some time your shoes can also get ruined.
  • And in summer Chucks would be rather too hot and your feet would sweat and creat an unpleasant smell. Ideal shoes for everyone who likes it sporty - or rather for men are casual slippers or vans, or those summer-chucks.
I may present you another male Fall4Me idol: Tom Felton in chic 
summerlike slippers

Katin Siska presenting her tattoo wearing summerlikely

I certainly don't need to mention that if you wear the same shoes (in this case chucks) like every day - no matter what weather it isit might look as if you didn't have any other shoes. I would really like to spare you that.

In cold and wet days you at least wear good leather shoes (with fur) and 2 cm heels or trendy rubber boots. Remember, you never have enough shoes [a Fall4Me by JK philosophy and slogan for anothe coming blog post]. As I saw this today too. No matter how much you might love your shoes or how much you want to present them because they're new: Sandals and ballerinas are also only worn in hot summer days especially if it's known that it will rain.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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