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finally I've found some time to lacquer my nails. My beloved quick dry spray from P2 isn't sold anymore but I've found a perfect alternative: The Quick Dry nail polish by Essence.

Quick dry nail polish - Essence; nail polish / matt (940 never 2 much), nail polish / glittery (890 lost in paradise) - P2

As I've told you yesterday on my Facebook-page I present you a new kind of nail art for those who prefer it simple and quick for everyday-life but still want an artistic eye-catcher.

If you love color gradients this nail trend is also made for you. Here is how it goes: Pick a color you're the mood in (in my case turquoise, the color of the ocean). Take a dark glittery version and a bright or normal matt version of it and lacquer your thumb and your ring finger in the glitter color, the rest will be lacquered in the matt color.

This art will cause a nice effect and will bring some lively mood to you. I hope you like it just like I do. I have to say that it's perfect because I usually have a manicure on my own when I want to enjoy a relaxed evening after a hard week.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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