The Queen Of The Night

Bonjour mes chers,

who could be the so called "Queen of the Night"? The one who is attracting attention with her fashionable look at spring nights out - no matter if on parties or chic dinners.

The fashionable look I am talking about is my favourite color purple combined with one of my most favorite fashion colors, black.
What I love so much about purple is that it has something so mysterious about it. It is elegant but also has something calming and sweet about it. Purple is a very versatile color and fits to every type of person.

You should remember and notice here that this trend is refering to the night only and that strong, gaudy, neon or dark purple is asked here .
The combination of pastel purple and orange as dreamteam of 2013 but rather for the day time.

Yesterday I was invited to the party of a very close friend of mine and introduced a rocky version of that trend.

Top (available in different colors), bolero - L&B 
mini-skirt (avaialable in different colours and stripped) - H&M 
Tights - Falke 
bag - Mere Keskus 
winter boots - Osco 
bracelets (available in different colors) - Claire's

As you see I'm also wearing purple make-up. It was hard to find that purplep lipstick and after long thinking I've finally decided to buy it. It is just perfect not too dark so that also young women can wear it.
Personally, I'm not really a fan of lipgloss anymore because it just feels too slimy and slippery. Lipsticks are comfortable and keep longer.

Lipstick (N°37) - Debby 
eyeliner pencil (N°18) - Raphael Cosmetic Consulting (L&B Cosmetic Store) 
Mascara (N°6) - Artdeco 
Earrings - I am.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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