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on the passed weekend I've met my friend for a little shopping tour and relaxed meet up to celebrate the beginning of our holidays and on Saturday evening I've attended to the Midnight-shopping at the shopping center Hamburger Meile in Hamburg with another friend.

Check out my shopping results on the following:

Once I was asked by a friend how I built up my collection of nail polishes, I've told her that everytime I go shopping I buy a new colour and then one day you suddenly notice that you have a big collection. This time I've bought N°170 - French kiss by P2. It is an a little bit darker and more intensive pink and has the colour of bilberry. A colour that will accompany you through the year. I will tell you more about that on my next entry.

Nail polish / N°170 / French kiss - P2 

On that day I've also bought myself new earrings for summer. I allready imagine my summer holidays at the beach and become a fashionable summer-hippie again with the colours orange and purple.
Save the trend! Big round earrings like those will be a summer must-have.

Earrings - I am

Since that shopping-tour I have been searching for the orange lipstick N°061 by P2 which was sold out. I couldn't find it anywhere else so I've decided to look for a similar lipstick from another label and found it by Catrice. I will tell you more about that on my next entry.

Lipstick/N°060 - Catrice

And on the same day I've finally found blue earrings that have finally appeared me. So I've bought the whole set. Now I only need the blue pumps and then I can complete my look that is based on my cavalary jacket.

Earring-set H&M

I recommend you to stay tuned for my next and 100th entry. Which will introduce another trend to you.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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