My Favourite Things #2

Hello my dear ones,

on my last entry of yesterday I have started to give an answer to the question that one of my followers asked me on Facebook.

I have already answered what I like to wear the most no matter what weather or season it is and will now go on with what I feel the most comfortable in and who inspires me.

It was much easier to sort out the things that I feel the most comfortable in as I often wear them in my everyday life.Whereas I have to say that the things I like to wear the most do not really differ from the things I feel the most comfortable in. Logically I would not like to wear them if they were not comfortable, too.

Anyway on the one hand it is the jeggings by Vero Moda I find very practical and comfortable. They are easy to put on and to combine. I already have a little collection of them and I even plan to buy more of them. Every season there are new colours sold. I generally always buy two of them at once because that is a better deal than buying just one. They fit to every type and weather and I think every woman should have at least the black one in her wardrobe.

Apart from the jeggings I am also deeply in love with versatile shorts, not matter if in summer or winter, with or without tights or legging. They are very trendy and perfect for a trendy layering look. You just feel sexy and cool in them and me as a freaky person with a freaky style I think that shorts are a basic need in such a wardrobe.

I also like the mini skirts by H&M or C&A. You will see that I have them in many different colours and also striped. Because they are comfortable, can be worn to everything and make you look sexy. But please girl do me a favour and do not pull them up too high, that just looks cheap. I love to wear those skirts on shopping tours. Once I have told you that black tights and skirts are a basic when I go shopping. Because it is easy and quick to pull on and off and black tights actually fit to everything if you want to try skirts or shorts.

Jeggings - Vero Moda 
Shorts (grey) - Pimkie
(white) - C&A
(Chanel style) - H&M 
Skirts (black, striped) - H&M
(purple, electric blue, green) - C&A

Chic and comfortable in cuddly knits I love knits because they are cuddly, chic and timeless. Knits like those can be worn in every season. As you see under them I am wearing my striped roll necks. I have just bought them in summer but I cannot go without them meanwhile. In cold summer evenings I would always recommend chic knits because they are versatile.

Knit sweat - Mango
knit jacket - Zara 
roll neck - Zara

One last thing I have sorted out is my denim jeans dress. Seriously no one of us ca go without jeans, they are comfortable, trendy and timeless. To the blue chic - which is going to be a summer trend - brown leather (to darker blue) and white silk  (to brighter blue) or pastel beige fits. Rivets and golden or caramel metal will be a must-add to them.

Jeans dress - New Look

Let us now come to my top five idols. Which have left their marks on me and inspired me and still do all the time.

My number ones are Piret Järvis and Katrin Siska whom I have already written about.

Piret motivates me with her musical spirit and her journalistic, TV and PR activities. Besides from that she has been chosen as Estonian sexiest woman alive 2006 and best dressed celebrity. She is one of my main idols because I can identify on my main style best with her.

Katrin as I have written inspires me for my everyday life as business woman, someone who has been involved in politics and most fashionable keyboarder as the piano is also my main instrument.

What I admire about both is their bravery to fashion and material mix.

My second and as equal idols are Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. Classic and timeless and fashion icons who left their marks in the world of fashion.

My friends call me a lady and think these elegant and minimalistic styles fit very good to me with the special accessory and retro style.

My number three is Kate Middleton or rather Duchess Catherine. Since I have found myself and my style she has captured my impression for her and her grown up style which also fits to young women.
She is always worn suitable for every event and a big icon for many women especially of young age.

She is also fascinating me with her head-wear

My fourth idol is someone who symbolizes timeless classy high-fashion best, Catherine Oxenberg (back then as 20 year old in the early 80s as Amanda Carrington in "Dynasty").
What amazes me about her is her self-confident role, strength and determination. I could very well identify with that. Besides from that I love her classy and timeless wardrobe and the hairspray hairstyle and the make-up which conjures high cheekbones.

My last but not least big inspiration is Lana Del Rey.
What I especially like about her is that she brings the style of the 60s and 70s back to the future what concerns her music, videos and whole outter appearance. She is admired by many young girls and women. There are things I do not like about her such as the beauty operations she did not need at all in my opinion but still she is amazing. I love the texts of her songs and I also can identify with her.
I have fun about fashion when I am watching her.

I hope you enjoyed my style and my choices once again.

I am always open for more questions from you.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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