Happy Woman's Day

"We are wasting our time lookin' for outstanding things in our life instead of making the simple things the most special ones." [Johanna, Fall4me]

Hello my dears,

Of course I will never forget the Woman's day 2011 when I have met the creator of one of my most favourite games - Tekken - Katsuhiro Harada and the creator of the game Street Fighter, Yoshinori Ono. They came to present the new game Street Fighter x Tekken they worked on together and had an autograph hour here. 
What I liked most was that they seemed very happy when they saw me - as the only (fashionable) girl there - and Harada also painted a heart above the autograph :)

With Ono (l.) and Harada (m.)

Still this year was as wonderful in its way. I have spent it with one of my best friends again. This time we have tried Indian food at Chutney's in the shopping center Europa Passage. Our insider this time was the hard decision. But Indian meals are just like Mexican ones, you can eat them with your beau without embarassing yourself.

Chicken Mango & Chicken Madras

Afterwards we went to do some shopping and I've found wonderful earrings that perfectly fit to my snake-ankle boots.

Earrings - I am

The day also started very well with flowers from my dear brother. For my mother I've prepared little heart-cakes with marmelade and from my grandmother I've got a very trendy and up-to-date stripes-blazer. I've already had the pants long ago as I was inspired by my idol Piret Järvis as I've told you when I informed you about the stripe-hype.

Blazer - Tally Weijl 
Pants - H&M 
Pumps - Style in Shoes & Accessories

I really hope you have a very nice woman's day too :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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