My Favourite Things #1

Heyhey my dears,

yesterday one of my followers asked me on Facebook what I like to wear most - no matter what weather or season it is. In what I feel the most comfortable and who inspires me. In order to these questions I've decided to make a whole entry with an answer in detail.

First of all I would like to say that it was very difficult for me to prepare the answer as all my clothes have something special and a little story with emotions behind them. But I have managed to sort out my most favourite and most outstanding pieces. Those I wear very often I am going to present you in the following.

What I like to wear the most varies a little bit from what I feel the most comfortable in my everyday-life. In general my style is a mix of classic-elegant to girlish-fanciful looks to a rocker-chic with a touch of sexiness - whereas I myself don't interpret "sexy" with showing too much skin. I always wear something outstanding - this is what also identifies my style. Besides from that I am noticed positively always.

I also have to say that it really depends on my mood what I like to wear and not.

So clothes I like to wear the most are printed t-shirts or tights, e.g. by my favourite label Heavy Mental, my favourite band Vanilla Ninja or the one my brother got me as gift on the international women's day 2011 with one of my idols Piret Järvis.

Tights - Karstadt

Something else I like to wear are longer, elegant dresses or short and sexy dresses in summer at the beach, I even loved the lace dress so much that I bought it in more colours and even plan to buy it in more colours.

Pattern dress - New Yorker 
black dress - Tally Weijl

Lace dresses, black balloon dress - L&B

I love the ladylike pieces in my wardrobe especially the volant skirts with and without flower print and skirts that give you a sexy elegant waist. Therefore those I wear mainly with my black belt. On the top I love the blouses by Tally Weijl.  I really cannot have enough of them.
The article of clothing I am most proud of is also a skirt. The one full of rivets. I always love to create many looks based on it as it underlines my very rocky style.

Blue volant skirt - Tally Weijl 
black skirt with rivets - Zara 
blue volant skirt (flower print) - Hallhuber

Skirt - H&M

Blouse - Tally Weijl

I also have two jackets I am deeply in love with. One is my black leather jacket which always fits to my looks or my Lolita-coat, double buttoned.

The Chanel scarf you see is my constant company.
Coat - Diva, leather jacket - L&B

More constant companies are my versatile blazers. Especially since I am working or involved in politics I am partial to the business basic with rolled up sleeves. I am especially in love with cavalary jackets.

Blazer (Chanel style) - H&M 
cavalay jacket - Elara
black blazer - Tally Weijl
blue blazer - H&M

The striped blazer and the pants are also one of my favourite pieces. And the look with the white blazer is my favourite one with it.

Blazer (striped) - Tally Weijl 
blazer white - New Yorker
striped pants - H&M

On the following I'm showing you more pants I love these are my black synthetic pants, my turquoise pants or the ones in the flower print.

Turquoise pants - C&A,

Pants - H&M

And here is my ideal look with the white torn t-shirt another favourite piece.

As this entry has become quite long now I will present you the clothes I feel most comfortable in, in my entry.

Stay tuned until then.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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