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after five months of deep and cold winter the snow is slowly but surely melting finally for this season and the warm spring sun shows up and brightens the days and brings up good mood. Therefore my accessories of the month April are sunglasses.

Get the absolute overall view this with selected pieces which are popular and timeless.
Choose your favorite:

My most favourite ones are my black Carrera GRAND PRIX 1 sunglasses with red and white legs. There I've got inspired by the Vanilla Ninja girls.
As I've already told you last year they are very popular in Cannes and among Rap giants like Kanye West. They like to be worn by sexy and self-confident women or men who also like it casual.

Sunglasses - Carrera GRAND PRIX 1

The other sunglasses I've told you about are the pilot glasses by Ray Ban popular through Angelina Jolie.
Meanwhile they are worn by more Hollywood stars and especially young people at the age of 18 to 30. Because they make you look younger. They also give a the secret angent-look.

Pilot glasses - Ray Ban RB3044 Aviator Large Metal LO207

Talking about Ray Ban there is another model: the RB2132 622 New Wayfarer, which has also become very popular in Hollywood and Europe. Personally I haven't tried them whereas I plan to this year on holiday. But as didn't want to present a celebrity to you again I've asked one of my fans on Facebook if someone would be interested to be the model for this entry.

Zuzia loves them and always wears them. Currently she is promoting them skiing with them in Switzerland. These sunglasses are rather discreet but spicy and can be worn to everything if you don't like too big sunglasses.

Sunglasses - Ray Ban RB2132 622 New Wayfarer

Go back to the 60es with brown-beige colored Hippie-sunglasses e.g. by BeYu. Mostly worn by timeless elegant ladies.

Hippie-sunglasses - BeYu

The last but not least model is also a rather discreet one I've bought from H&M. I absolutely wanted to have the ones my idol Piret Järvis likes to wear apart from her Carreras but I only could find them darker. Still I'm in love with them if I need smaller and more discreet ones.

Sunglasses - H&M 

Which one is your favorite?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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