Playing with Shades

The gamut of colours for March and April goes playing with shades. You either "play" with one colour "family" - e.g. different shades of blue - or use supporting colours to your main colour like black, white or grey. They always work best in my opinion.

A fashion-tip: Pick a strong colour for what you want to focus on and get softer with what you focus on less.

Check out two different options below:

Ring - I am; scarf - Chanel; jersey - L&B; belt - Kookai, skinny jeans - Texto
chucks - Events; jacket - L&B, bag - Valentino

Scarf - Chanel; necklace (whistle) and bracelets - Douglas; t-shirt - 
designed by me; skirt - H&M; boots - Deichmann

Xoxo ♥ J.

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