You Made Me A Prisoner But You Can Never Take Away My Style

Hola loves,

as I promised you today on Instagram I'm back with a new post today after a tiny break and other new posts will await you in the next couple of days, too.

Today's photos were taken by my wonderful brother who belongs to my biggest supporters behind the scenes. We both share the passion for blogging whereas he rather prefers blogging about pop-culture, his own life and games very interesting written in a satirical language. I'm sure you'll find the one or other interesting article by checking out his blog.

Before I come to the main topic of my post I want to share very very happy news with you which made my day. I have already been suggested by my sweet friend Victoria to collaborate with labels, brands and companies to become more successful with my blog but I still wanted to wait and gain more followers before making this step and today a company contacted me for a partnership! Because they like the content and photos of my blog and feel that my readers - YOU(!) beloved ones - appreciate my good fashion advices. Apart from that this company thinks I have a good feeling for fashion and would suit well to their concept. Of course I agreed but I don't want to take all the excitement so I won't tell you anything else yet.
You certainly can feel my happiness and how honored and proud I am! :))
Besides from that my beloved ESCtoday is following me on Twitter ♥ Thank you both for making my day!

Today's title refers to the stripes which I am wearing and have combined to an 80s look. inspired by Dynasty. I felt like a real Carrington member in this special outfit which shows bravery and fun towards fashion, creativity and the originality of my own style since these clothes belong to my favorite pieces of my collection.

The pencil skirt is another essential for a classy 80s look and grey is a color which simply loves to be combined. As you're wearing such a skirt you will automatically feel like a lady.

To tell you more I'm participating in another contest with the chance to win a trip to the dreamlike New York and experience the NY Fashion week 2014. You want to help me to fulfill my dream and make me a wonderful birthday gift? Then please hype my look and give it a ♥. You can very easily sign in Lookbook in you aren't a member yet.
I already thank you very very much in advance.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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  1. I think You look gorgeous my sweetheart! ♥ I love ur blazer, but I think you could change only skirt in this outfit from "creased style" skirt to smooth, pencil skirt :). How do You think? Love you <3


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