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Good evening,

August was so far a very turbulent month for me, the best prove for that is that I have indeed forgot about the "Accessory Of The Month" post. I hope you will forgive me my little faux-pas. It won't happen again promise :) (Y)

Even today very exctiting things happened to me which made my perfect start of the week - I hope you can say the same.
It all began with the big burden that fell off my shoulders - I'm generally nervous even if I don't have a reason to be, that actually shows how much the matter means to me and how important it is to me. After following me on Instagram (take it as a good example ;) ) Stylebook Blogstars also accepted me and my blog on their page. I was so happy and excited about it that I have already shared the supergreat news with you in the morning on Facebook. The happier I got about all the congratulations from my family and friends. Thank you so much.

Later on the official Claire's UK started to follow me on Twitter (another good example you could follow). These are only some of many more motivations for me to go on and improve every time a little bit more and of course you, my beloved readers.

Because all good things are three, the third good thing that happened today was that I was able to finish my self-made flower crown (a shooting follows soon).

I know I have already posted about this accessory earlier but every reunion brings happiness, doesn't it?
I'm talking about the belts with clip-buckles in various colors, fitting to every summer outfit. What I most like about those belts is the glittery buckle which catches every eye. I have a real collection of those belts. They are simply timeless! What about you?

Belts - Kookai

Especially in summer when you don't wear jackets over the belts on your pants or skirt come out best and never forget: "Pants are not half worth without a good belt." - Fall4Me

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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