The Cool One Doesn't Need Sunglasses (+LOOKBOOK CONTEST)

Hello dear ones ♥

wow what an exciting day! It began with a very interesting article I've read in the German newspaper DIE ZEIT (Engl.: the time):
In short the article reminds of the actual meaning of the sunglasses which are meant to protect people's eyes from too much brightness. Meanwhile it is a sign of coolness - latest since the 50s where the word has its origin - because when you wear sunglasses your partner can't look you in the eyes and the individual is untouched. The new mirror-sunglasses which are as well known as cop shades (because they are usually used by cops) have become a dangerous trend since your partner looks at himself, this can be intimidatory that's why they are forbidden for cops in the Britain Essex. The "Zeit"'s criticism: The one who is really cool doesn't need sunglasses.
Therefore I have gone without sunglasses today.

Secondly, I have spent a very wonderful day with my bestie again who shot amazing pictures of me and my today's look which is a special one because it is the first one I participate in my first contest as blogger with. Therefore I would like to ask you a little favor to support me. If you are on LOOKBOOK please give my look your HYPE & LOVE and let your friends know about it, too. If you aren't it is easy and quick to register. You can read all the information about the contest here. And of course wish me good luck and keep your fingers crossed for me. :)

Today's location and place to chill: The Speicherstadt, my most favorite place in Hamburg.

Thank you already for the support.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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