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Hello my sweet ones,

I hope you've had a great start into the new week. Sadly not much exciting happened since yesterday or maybe... Yes I think I have to tell you this. Today when I went through the shops one of the shop assistents asked me if I'm 18 years old, some days ago one of my besties said that I have a babyface and will look very young when I'm older and today one of my fans on Facebook was shocked that I'm turning 20 years old in 27 days. But also she was happy to tell me that I will look 10 years younger when I turn 30.

It seems like I'm really growing young and have something which many women try to get with lots of money and artificial health if you know what I mean and I really don't even know how I'm doing this.

Today I've met one of my friends at university we were doing source search in the libraries of our university and discovered that they can be scary and also interesting and if I'm already known for my eye-catching appearances at university today shouldn't be different. I was impressed myself that there are still so many students on the campus even though it's summer and lecture-free time.

I've decided to dress in a casual pink look combined with blue jeans, an ocean turquoise and natural gold and brown accents and feel myself as if I was in the Pacific paradise by the british label "New Look" which was dominating my look today.
The inspiration for this look was - surprise, surprise - the dear Catherine Oxenberg again. My bestie who told me that I have a babyface came to that thought when we talked about her. She said that I will look like Catherine in age as she and I have both a babyface.

Earrings, blouse, shorts - New Look; sunglasses - Be-Yu; bag - Escada; sandals - Texto

And here is my look to admire, comment and hype on Lookbook.

I actually don't like to wear pink that much but the way how I wear and combine it - for example in the trendy pink & blue combination - makes it bearable. :) What color is it youi don't like to wear that much?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Hi Johanna! Nice outfit! thanks for your french comment on my blog ;)
    I'm in love with your short!! vintage spirit ;)

    Kisses from Switzerland

    1. Of course Morgane, I mean I should use my French knowledge at times so I won't forget it ;)
      Please join me on GFC xoxo ♥


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