Eye-Catcher. Once Again.

Good afternoon my beloved followers,

happy Saturday and an exciting weekend!
My weekend will be rather calm because finally our fourth group member started to work hard too and sent us everthing so that we can finish the work and then enjoy our lecture free time fully, too.

Still I've allowed myself at least a little excitement at the beginning of the weekend. I've visited a Salsa-workshop with my friend. The workshop made a great party feeling especially because of the location and the decoration (after the workshop there was supposed to follow a party but I didn't stay that long for private reasons.) Still I've enjoyed myself very well during the workshop and haven't danced Salsa that amazingly like yesterday.

You could already admire my look on Lookbook since yesterday evening (and it is a real runner up since it got quite many hypes and comments over night.)

I've decided to wear a purple-black summer combination (actually this look is more for a spring night but I had to adapt my look to my summer heels with which I can dance best from all my high summer shoes) and a very classy 40s hairstyle which you certainly remember.

Just as Guido Maria Kretschmer already said this week often enough in his show "Shopping Queen" that the perfect bracelts for summer are really big ones - which I just can repeat myself - I've chosen one for my dancing look. My unusual hairstyle caught lots of attention and didn't disturb during dancing at all and not even the strong summer breeze could ruin it. After the party was before the party for me :)

Two things that made my day today were that I am followed by the amazing StyleBook Blogstars on Instagram (are you following me, too?) and that I've reached over 700 karma on Lookbook with my new look.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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