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Ciao belli,

yesterday before the political family-, children- and youth-committee meeting took place in the city hall of Hamburg I've been on a little shopping tour with my friend.
Check out my shopping achievements below:

First we took a peek in the accessoire shop SIX which has had really gorgeous jewellary since the beginning of the year, among other very colorful, big jewellary with a gamut of colors which reminds of the retro-style of the 50es or 70es.

I've bought earrings in the colours of my most favourite dreamteam of this year, which I've already told you about and a rocky bracelet from their limited edition, more of that is coming soon.

Jewellary - SIX

You know, most people ask me how is it that I have so much nail polish. I want to share this secret with you too: On every shopping tour I'm buying a new nail polish from my most favourite cosmetics label P2 and so slowly and bit for bit the collection grows so much that yesterday I had to free a new shelving for my beloved nail polish.

Nail polish ( 890 - Lost in Paradise)

So, tell me, are you impressed? :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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