Kiss Me Twice


i'm currently checking out the H&M Magazine Spring Issue 2013 and decided to present you their trends which I can identify myself with.

The first trend I've discovered is the so called "lip duet" in two different ways.

The first one is a soft, natural and rather discreet duo which is actually perfect for the spring trend, pastel and for those who rather like to accentuate their eyes: Skin color combined with a soft pink. Personally I think that this option of the lip duet is also perfect for the denim trend which will be celebrated in summer even though it has already arrived in the shops.

How to:
- all you need is concealer, a soft pink lipstick or gloss and invisible lipgloss
- first of all cover impurity and conjure nude lips with the concealer and add powder on it
- then use the pink lipstick or gloss for your lower lip
- at the end refine everything with the invisible lipgloss

The second option is is stronger and more colorful. You can use both the new reds at once for your lips. This trend fits better to discreet looks with less to no pattern and a smooth color gradient according to H&M. I would also motivate you to try the other spring trend neon colours and flower pattern to cause the happy spring mood.

When I saw this on the magazine I was amazed and found it really cool with orange in the center and (softer) pink in the corner.
All you need for this is a calm hand and a creative mind.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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