What Color Are You In Today?


I've already fallen in love with the elastic bracelets on my last summer holiday in Cannes. During the Olympic Games in London when McDonalds released them with the Olympia glasses.

They are so easily and comfortably worn that they are always a good-looking addition to your outfit and don't bother at work, university or school. I especially love to wear them in summer as they with their gaudy neon colors give you a certain summer feeling.

At the Ladies Nights (about what you can read more here) Ice Watch also distributed them in more colors since then they have become even more irreplaceable for me.

No matter if you're showing your new airbrush tattoo to someone, reading or typing something on the PC, cuddle your dog or want to know what time it is. These elastic bracelets bring you in the mood and show your mood.

You can even wear them in the colours of your preferred country e.g. Estonia like I do.

I wear them on the left side to wear other bracelets on the right side.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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