Until Holidays

Hello my beautiful diamonds spread all over the world,

if you want to keep me from buying "too much" you aren't allowed to let me into the shop. But now that I entered it once in a while invited by sales and discounts to take a closer look at what was offered I should also be able to find the one or other item to add to my closet. And I did!
But the more you grow up and get to know about the values and priorities you learn more discipline. So this should be enough until well-deserved power-shopping on holiday (hurraaaaaaaay!) begins.

You will agree if you check it out below:

I am a big leather-fanatic since I am obsessed with the rocky style on the one 
hand. And since I recently got rid of my old black short (faux-)leather jacket and
this one's prize (only revealed privately) was very alluring I bought it, especially 
when my mother said it looks excellent on me.
By Karstadt

Since the Carrginton daughters Fallon and Amanda (as Pamela Sue Martin and Catherine Oxenberg)
I am obsessed with flanel blouses, especially to combine them in skinny pants in the same color (or 
the color of the pattern) - shade to shade - and some spicy accessories which will follow soon on the 
By s.Oliver

I am as well a fanatic for tights with exciting prints, classy as I am these black and white ones with 
classy prints were a must-have.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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