It's Eurovision Time!

Good evening Europe! 
And of course warm greetings to my readers from all over the world,

yesterday Europe's biggest party has begun: the 59th Eurovision Song Contest (short ESC) also known as the Grand Prix in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

In short as the name already says it is a European music show which takes place every year in the first half of May. Every European country sends an artist to represent its country there. The winning country (which is chosen of 50% public telephone votes and 50% jury decision) hosts the following show (mostly in the capital of their country) and every contest is opened with the winning song of the previous year.
The show itself consists of three parts: two semi-finals (Tuesday and Thursday) and the grand final. In the two semi-finals usually 16 countries compete from which 10 can only make it to the grand final. The only countries that never have to pass the semi-finals but already are qualified for the grand final are the so called "big 5" which consist of the founding countries (Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy and the host country - if it's another one than those named).

In addition every year the contest takes place under a new motto. This year's motto is #JoinUs which I believe everyone will gladly do with such a heartful invitaton.

As I did last year I would like to share my impressions with you. Since I am one of the biggest ESC fans. For me it is always a big highlight to watch it and the week of Eurovision is always special, happy and exciting with my beloved ones for me.
I love it so much because it gathers together so many different cultures and people into one in harmony.

So here are the countries, interpret and my impressions in short in the order they have performed in the first semi-final. 

Armenia: Aram MP3 - I praise Aram for writing his song by his own, it is a strong song full of emotions and very touching. However I rather saw him singing a more happy song.
Latvia: Aarzemnieki - It was a funny song but I liked it
Estonia: Tanja - Tanja has great and strong voice and preserves her honor of being very famous and popular in her own country. Her dance was cool even though it reminded me on the whole a little bit of Emilie last year. I am happy however that BBC cherished her and called her "the hardest working woman in Eurovision" - she was and was very popular among the Armenian hosts and my family.
Sweden:  Sanna Nielsen - indeed she has something of Celine Dion - I had to shiver during her performance Iceland: Pallapönk - Amazing these suits! And such a happy and good-mood bringing song. I am so happy when they were called to the grand final at last.
Albania: Hersi - not bad the idea with the tattoo, but I found her song rather weak
Russia: Tolmachevy Sisters - I freakin' love these twins! What a perfect deep performance, like angels on the stage and no accent, their voices are amazing and very strong together. Super song! I am happy they made it to the finals despite the political issue that is going on between Russia and Europe.
Azerbaijan: Dilara Kazimova - Every year the same... a sad and emotional ballade... where is Azerbaijan from 2009? Well, the stage was a good idea.
Ukraine: Mariya Yeremchuk - The performance and style of the stage were breath-taking, song itself gave you really power.
Belgium: Axel Hirsoux - It was an ok song and performance
Moldova: Cristina Scarlat - Her voice, her song, her performance, she - excellent! So dramatic! A real ear-catcher.
San Marino: Valentina Monetta - I find it admirable that she keeps on trying her luck in the ESC for the third time and I am very happy she finally made it through the semi-final.
Portugal: Suzy - Such a happy song. I also liked the singer and the idea she had to illustrate her flag.
The Netherlands: The Common Linnets - had a lovely song
Montenegro: Sergej Ćetković - I praise him for singing in his language.
Hungary: The song was good but to me it seemed that he copied his dance from Tanja

And here were my personal ten finalists:
1. Armenia
2. Estonia
3. Sweden
4. Iceland
5. Russia
6. Ukraine
7. Moldova
8. San Marino
9. Portugal
10. Montenegro

How did you like it? Did I awaken your Eurovision spirit? Then JOIN US!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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