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Good evening Eurovision and Fall4Me fans all over the world,

did you enjoy the grand final as much as I? I was literally partying in my living-room with the Eurovision hall in Copenhagen and also I say: thank you for another superamazing and unforgettable show!

I believe that you are excited to know what I thought of the big five and the hosting country? Well, here you go.

Germany: Elaiza - Nice 50s style song! You know my love towards retro. I was positively surprised.
France: TWIN TWIN - Crazy funny birds! I love songs sang in French and with this cool party song they were a close competition to the Greek boys!
Italy: Emma Marrone - She looked simply great with her outfit - probably made in Milan - and her song is praiseworthy because it is written and composed by her and in Italian!
Spain: Ruth Lorenzo - Just wow! She left me all impressed! Bravo! Denmark: Great happy song! I really loved it! It was more like "in the end everything will be fine".
United Kingdom: Molly - Supercool song! Simply A amazing and very strong! You could really feel the power.

I you are now very excited about my personal ranking? To be honest it was very hard for me to choose the number one because I have had many favorites. Realistically however I wasn't surprised about Conchita's victory because on the first place she was outstanding and secondly Europe symbolized its tolerance by voting doe her in huge masses like you haven't experienced it.

[My rank - Country - (actual place)]

1. Switzerland (13.)
2. Romania (12.)
3. Armenia (4.)
4. Belarus (16.)
5. Slovenia (25.)
6. United Kingdom (17.)
7. Spain (10.)
8. Austria (1.)
9. Iceland (15.)
10. Poland (14.)
11. France (26.)
12. Greece (20.)
13. Montenegro (19.)
14. Russia (7.)
15. Ukraine (6.)
16. The Netherlands (2.)
17. Italy (21.)
18. Sweden (3.)
19. Norway (8.)
20. Germany (18.)
21. Denmark (9.)
22. San Marino (24.)
23. Hungary (5.)
24. Finland (11.)
25. Azerbaijan (22.)
26. Malta (23.)

However as a fair player and professional musician I have to admit that she sang very well indeed! So congratulations Conchita and see you all next year probably in the beautiful Vienna!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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