Let's Play...

Happy Monday darlings and happy start into the new week,

it's week of Eurovision and going to be very excited. "Join Us" is the motto and I really hope you will do. Personally, I love Eurovision so much especially because it connects and gathers together so many different people from different cultures and places in harmony. I am actually not necessarily the party-girl but Eurovision-party is my most favorite one.

But something else... 
You are full of secrets...? 
You love to risk something once in a while...? 
Life is a game for you...?

But you are neither a player nor a gamer? 
Then let's play, nice to meet you, I'm the coach.
At least for the matter of fashion.
As you know I am a huge leggings- and tights fan - the funkier, the better. Same goes for accessories and jewelry.
The only question remaining is: How to combine these pieces to make a cool and stylish look of it and still be yourself? - I stake everything on blazers, my trademark. But which color will be the winning one? I decide to play with both, red on the top, black on the bottom.
Like this I am definitely and eye-catcher on the streets with my funky leggings by Romwe and no one could give these leggings more honor than Queen Lenna by HEAVY MENTAL (according to the Estonian singer Lenna Kuurmaa also known from the girl rockband Vanilla Ninja).

Never forget, in life every game is played with two, you need someone to have your back but you will as well always have an opponment. The motto is to keep cool and to keep stylish. Be yourself and moreover be confident of yourself and then you will be the one setting the rules according to your wills.

I for example needed my friend to take photos of me to present myself to the world, to you and to my opponments in the world of fashion bloggers and to represent these funky leggings.

Don't forget the blog's birthday on May 26th.

Leggings - Romwe
Queen Lenna Tee - HEAVY MENTAL
Earrings, necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Watch - Wempe
Bracelets - Ice Watch
Black ring - I am
Blazer - New Look
Long top - H&M
Boots - GUESS?

Life is a game, because a loss is not a fail. There will always be a re-match.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. what a cute stocking dear :D


  2. U totally look amazing, I love every detail of this look!
    PS. New post on my blog, what do u think of my new Oasap blouse ?
    Nameless Fashion Blog

  3. Cute outfit!!!
    Have a nice day!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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