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Good evening my sweet people,

I always hope my readers are fine, happy and supercharged like me :) but today I wanted to mention it clearly, in case you aren't, which would really upset me, I hope I can at least spread some positive energy with my posts - whereas today you might scream and run away just like my brother did ;)

I know, I know I make it very exciting, today already on Facebook by not showing you a peek of this post and talking about surprises, I will start right away but today on TV I have heard a great saying which I wanted to share with you especially because our today's society and furthermore us people of the world of fashion love the photography and telling stories and messages: "Before we capture something we must experience something first."

Alright, I admit it now - no I'm not guilty but I have a new haircolor. Well quite, partly. Do you remember when I have told you about my hair-plans for this summer? Well in 20 years of living in this world I have learned that not everything (almost nothing) you have planned goes as planned but I have also learned that the voice of your heart will always be heard and furthermore that things come when you least expect them - just like it was yesterday with the beautiful and stylish Morgane from The Blondie Diary.
That's how I explain myself the implementation of my hairstyle. The way I wanted like Katrin Siska with the little difference that I wanted my complete covering hair blonde (not only the front part and two pink streaks).

That's Katrin...

It happened spontaneously when I was coloring my mother's hairline blonde again, she asked me if I would like some blonde streaks and the "streaks" became the complete covering hair :D
Like I said, my brother screamed of shock and ran away, whereas my mother was overwhealmed of her good work. On the next day at university (such a change can't be overseen) all my friends noticed it with enthusiasm and liked it just like some other friends from all over the world. One even said I was very brave My hairstylist here in Hamburg thought it is too glaring but as mommy correctly said you change something for others to notice it, why else should you do it?
How do you like my hair?

...and that's me!

Boots - Paparazzi; treggings - Vero Moda; bag - Valentino; blouse - Peek & Cloppenburg; belt - C&A; top - H&M; necklace - I am; earrings - Claire's; leather jacket - L&B

To present my hairstyle for the first time I have chosen the rocky version of a classy look: Rivets and black leather meet a large satin blouse and an accentuate waist.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Cute :)
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know :)

  2. Love your hair! Love so much your blog


  3. Love your hair! Love so much your blog



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