Meet The Giants

Hola loca people,

sadly I still suffer from a very bad internet connection that's why my interaction on my many social networks is rather weak. I hope that next week it will be fixed. 

Still I try my best to blog for you. 
Remember my new hair style? You will definitely not forget it for sure once you saw it. 
My stylist (my mother) still can't take her hands off my hair because she is so flashed. 
To all the others: thank you for the great feedback so far I'm really torn with my new hairstyle since literally two giants meet here, the two natural and contested hair colors and my most favorite fashion styles: classy and noble rich and beautiful of the 80s meet the modern rock diva inspired by the 90s of today.

Before shooting - Quality time w/ my bestie

Bolero - Elara; t-shirt - L&B; belt - H&M; jeans - C&A; pumps - Street Super Shoes; watch - Tommy Hilfiger; bag - Görtz17

Earrings - I am

Boots - Paparazzi; skirt, blazer - H&M; t-shirt - L&B; watch - Chanel; bracelet, earrings - I am

I don't want to go without classy looks but the new hairstyle inspired by Katrin Siska makes me tend to her democratic rock diva style. In such a case I have simply put the giants together in one and for example chose classy big jewelry and the noble royal blue to rivets, leather and chains. The blazer and jeans showed me that these giants aren't very different from each other. 

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

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