Be Whoever You Want To Be

Hello my sweet people,

shall I tell you a secret? Since my internet connection is very bad at home and not the best in every part of Hamburg (for example in the subway) on my phone I use the time getting from one destination to the other writing my blog entries. It works well well because writing the entries (and of course) posting them goes much faster and at home I have more time for other things (university work or helping in the household which is a matter of course in our Armenian culture). At home I just paste the text I've sent myself to blogger, add the hyperlink and the photos et voilà!

You can certainly comprehend that I can't stop watching myself in the mirror - let's be serious, which woman can? But no seriously, especially since I have this supersexy new hairstyle. And once I watched myself in the mirror and thought, I can be whoever I want, either sexy or cute. Hot or cool.

And that's what I present you today, a "be whoever you want to be"-look. I have combined a double-button breasted Lolita coat from "Diva" with rocky jeans and black leather boots with rivets.

Earrings - I am; coat - Diva; bag - Daniel Hechter; jeans - C&A; boots - Paparazzi

This style reminded me of Katrin Siska at a demonstration in 2011. Those long leather boots seem serious and suitable for diplomatic meetings or our paved university ground. The Lolita styled anorak serves its purpose for the romantic autumn.

Once I made a little joke with Katrin saying I will steal her great coat because I love it so much :D She seemed to like it.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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  1. That's a great way to use the time on the subway! Also, that coat is awesome.

    Casual Concern


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