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Bonsoir girls & boys,

from the second half of last week I have had a happy shopping because I have found everything I have been looking for! Okay, I admit I am still looking for red pumps and certain shoes to come in my size but after this shopping I am charged with lots of positive energy to chase after them.

The things I have been chasing for are mainly edgy accessories to perfect my Ada Wong cosplays. But as you will soon see I can combine them very well to outfits in my everyday life for every occasion.

Check out my new in below:

I am aware of the fact that character-costumes are able to be bought on the internet but you can as well create the costumes by yourself with some dexterity and creativity. As long as you are recognized as the character it is fine. Apart from that I prefer similar alternatives more because they are better from the quality and you save much more money.
During Christmas time the accessory shops rather focus on classy and fanciful accessories and jewelries but you can always rely on Claire's and Bijou Brigitte. They always include at least little corners or walls for every taste independent from they time of year.
So I at last stages of my shopping found they perfect alternative neckband and necklace for my Ada Wong cosplay (at this point I would like to thank my mobile shopping companies who were the best advisors I could wish for and the kind shop assistants who allowed me to ask them).

What do you think? Do they match well as alternatives?

Necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Photo: Capcom

Neckband - Claire's
Photo: Capcom

You know I just talk about prizes privately but if you knew about the deal they offered you also would've bought two of those amazing unwashed high waist slim jeans by Vero Moda.

I was very contented with the kind and committed outfit advisors of the store. It becalmed me that not only our store gives good service to its customers.

If you read my last post you hopefully understood that I meant that once there comes the time (at a certain age) when you get to find your own style, what suits you and what you feel comfortable in. Apart from the high-waist x-slim jeans tight black belts à la Piret Järvis are an item I can't go without because they suit every style especially the classy feminine waist. So I bought a new one since the other one slowly went out of quality.

Belt - C&A
Photo: by owner

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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