All I Want For Christmas

Good evening my dear ones,

my post ahead I do not want to be taken the chance to wish you a joyful, magical and thoughtful Christmas time with your beloved ones full of positive emotions and energy.
One month before the big event my best friend and I have welcomed the warmest period of the year in the coldest season of the year with the must of Christmas: lard cake.

Some clients have already started to look for their first Christmas gifts. As every advise can be useful I present you my top 10 Christmas gifts below:

10. You are never wrong with a gift card. Lasts for at least one year and you avoid to make something wrong because you approximately know about your dear one's favorite shop.
9. Especially for a family member: Necessarily one of them will for sure love cooking or preparing something. So why not getting an everyday-company household appliance to leave a lifetime remark on one of your beloved ones?
8. Real fans have the original CDs! Or merchandises. And I know what I am talking about. Maybe your friend or family member still doesn't have something from his/her favorite band/artist/game and will be more than thankful for your help.
7. Jewelry has a special meaning. For example, I give jewelry away and do not wear it anymore when I have separated from the person in a disgusting way. But to change to the more beautiful side: After Valentine's day I think Christmas is the most romantic time of the year. Planning an engagement, etc.? Waiting for Christmas can't be more beautiful to send a special message with a jewelry.
6. My personal coffee/tea cup! Everyone of us is either a fan of tea or coffee. After all the hot drink either relaxes you in the night or wakes you up in the morning. Whatever it is. While relaxing what would be better than a cup just for you that reminds you of someone very special with a special print or message?
5. Clothes. There is unconditionally no one in the world who would go against the motto: "wardrobe full but nothing to wear." Open up your ears and remember what your special ones always wanted and go and get it. Otherwise there is certainly someting they need.
4. Beauty products/wellness vouchers. In cold weather the skin needs an extra care. Wellness or its products are therefore a good pick.
3. A trip. Maybe he/she will even take you with him/her. But a trip (no matter how short it might be) is always an exclusive gift.
2. An invitation. You two always wanted to do something together? An invitation could be a pretty alluring reminder.
1. Something selfmade! There is nothing more original and meaningful than something selfmade, Either something to eat, a song, something sewed... we all have at least one talent. Christmas is the time to show it and touch your dear one's heart.

Beyond all do not forget: The gift is not as important as the intention and meaning behind it. As long as it comes from heart it will be the best gift!

I am excited about your gifts. Enjoy the exclusive shopping!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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