Everything Starts With Overcoming The Fear Of Cats

Good morning my beloved readership,

fear is a feeling we are all familiar with and have been confronted with at least once in our life. There are big fears, little fears, unnecessary fears but also fears to be taken serious. Mainly fear comes out of an experience. The worse the experience, the worse the fear. Mostly fear also takes us so far that it animates us to unconsciously act according to make our worst nightmares come true.

What we must not forget is that fear is just an illusion built by ourselves. And that it can be fought easier than we think. All we have to do is to keep a reasonable mind to prevent to make our fear to take place and to think if it's actually worth fearing. Like I did recently.

Recently I have fought my fear of cats from one day to the other. I don't even know why I feared them when I found them so beautiful and cute. All I did was to think "what is worse? Being stung by a wasp or close to the cat (our neighbors cat)? My neighbors themselves always said that she doesn't do anything. Just like I do it with my dog (whose nature is just to bark too much). Then a few days later I have pulled all my strength together and started standing close to her, later on I even went down to caress her and now we became very good friends.

Fighting a fear takes a lot of strength but moreover it takes a reasonable mind. It all starts fighting the little fears to approach the bigger ones. And the positive and strong energy afterwards is worth more than anything else.

Photos by Anna Chojnowska

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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