Expect Nothing, Get Everything

Good day my treasures,

"things come when you least expect them", a sentence you are all familiar with, aren't you? - I knew it! But will you believe me that it is one of my life mottos?

The proof is this bag. We all have thousands of little hidden desires. Things we don't talk about loud but things we aren't able to stop thinking about even unconsciously. Suddenly we see it happen like when we seemed to have forgotten about it. I also wished to always wished to have this amazing latest fashion bag which is originally designed by Christian Dior, however the real one is either accessible if you are incredibly rich or if you have a good husband. Until (one of) both takes place I am more than satisfied with the one by Dresswe which is just as much an eye-catcher and looks as real.

I have decided to build up a look concentrating on its accents - gold and light blue - so the bag can still be in the center of attention.

Handbag - Dresswe
Pumps - Buffalo
Used jeans, necklace - New Look
Cardigan - L&B
Earrings - H&M
Hat - Colloseum
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. You look great doll, I love how you rock the hat. And the bag is great too. I also wish I could have a Victoria Beckham bag :-)
    Kisses from Kenya


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