Summer Of Rock

Hello dears,

summer time is the main time for bands to perform and festivals all over the world to take place.

Personally I have never been to a festival or a summer concert, however there are some I would like to go to, such as the "Õllesummer" festival or "Laulu Pidu" (Sining Party) in Estonia.

And everyone who knows me knows that if I have set myself a goal I am taking aim for it.

I may not have thought of a plan yet, but I have at least equipped myself with the perfect rock-festival accessories: earrings that look like clefs and a white-silver chain necklace and bracelet I present you in a simple but trendy bright-shade denim look inspired by the rock icon Kelly Bundy also known as Christina Applegate. Because according to the guitarist and singer Piret Järvis from my most favorite band Vanilla Ninja rock bands love "these chains and metals".

And what are your summer of rock essentials?

 Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy with her series-parents Peggy (Katey Segal) and Al (Ed O'Neil)
in "Married... with Children"

Lipstick - Manhatten
Earrings - C&A
Necklace & bracelet - QS by s.Oliver
Used skinny jeans - New Look
Belt - Kookai
Watch - Dolce & Gabana

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Great outfit!

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  2. This is so chic! Looking forward to seeing your next post! Have a fun day.

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