2 0 1 4 - Happy New Year!

...as the title already says my beloved readers, friends, fans, supporters and followers...

We have done, said, not done, not said, regretted, stood behind, gained and lost - Goodbye 2013... -  2014 we are ready! Let's make it a better year! Let's rock it!
All and only the best for you!

For those who have missed me during Christmas, believe me, I was looking for a fashionable Christmas party just like you but me and my family were (still are partially) sick with a flu. Therefore I wasn't in the state and able to prepare or post new entries.
But I am back and had a nice NYE party w/ my family at home about which I am going to tell you in the following.

NYE is a very big and important occasion and event in our eastern European culture. That's why it is celebrated with a fully set table.
It is also important to know what year it is according to the Chinese calendar (of which animal) because you have to decorate and set the table in honor to that animal - what is likes and maybe even symbols of it. This year it is the year of the blue horse. Which should explain our decoration.
The most important food here is the pork joint with which we always have different types of salad and fish.

Celebrating at home doesn't mean that it can't be fashionable, I wore the outfit I chose to wear anyway no matter if I would be at a party or cuddly at home: I let it rock, classy in the heritage of the 80s, trendy in black and silver (bling-bling for sylvester and black as the winter trend).

Some of you might find my classy, blingy shoulders and my silver pumps enough but since my skirt and tights were all black I chose my beloved long star-necklace for the front.
As make-up I have chosen silver lips and smokey eyes by Chanel.

Ready for sylvester: Earrings - I am; silver lipstick - Douglas; eye-shadow - Chanel

  Teaser ;)

Yeeeah peace! A new year! 14 is my most favorite number so I have high 
expectations and a great feeling with this year.: Necklace - I am; sweater - 
Mango; skirt - Zara; pumps - PCD-collection for Deichman

  Happy New Year to you from my sweet dog, too. :)


Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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