I See Stars

Merry Christmas my sweet loves,

I hope you have had a magical and wonderful Christmas. For me I can say that the magic of Christmas has reached me. After my beauty-session I had to realize that I didn't have any money in my purse and forgot my EC-card at home. What gift could you buy with only one euro for your brother in the last minute?
Well I was about to go home and near tears when a creative mind like me had the idea to check out the Christmas market and buy him a gingerbread-heart with a beautiful message in it - sometimes in our seasonal fun-park known as the Hamburg DOM you find them for one euro or even 50 cents. But not in the Christmas market. I have told the seller about my situation and he has seen how sad I was so he cooperated with me and sold me a heart with the message "I love you so much" in red for this euro.
My brother's reaction: This is definitely the BEST gift! (Because it was symbolic and came out of heart - my second gift was money because he is collecting money for the new X-Box)

Something everyone should know about me is on the one hand that I love the night with all its being and essentials and that I love eye-catchers in fashion. For example this vintage stars-skirt I've got myself by H&M two weeks ago.

The best occasion to present it was my friend's and my third so called "night-session" when we first have dinner with cocktails and then take photo photos together.

I have kept my look discreet but classy, noble and fashionable with black to put the focus on my jewelry which als contains night-essentials and my skirt.

Skirt - H&M; clutch - Bugatti; heels - Görtz17; shirt - Cache, cache; coat - Diva

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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