Christmas Is After Christmas

Hello lovlies,

as I told I was sick during Christmas and New Years Eve time that's why I couldn't show you the wonderful gifts I got for Christmas.

From my big brother: A red blazer from New Look my most favorite brand. Finally I can complete my beloved look I can present you soon.

From my grandmother: Hello Kitty fever, a fob that is shining in different colors and a cosmetics case.

From a friend: Many cosmetics among others a water proof mascara from L'OREAL w/ a special butterfly effect.

From my parents: The same bag I have in blue also in black for the coming season trend but soon more about that.

I also love the time after Christmas and New Year because it is the time of the super sale which of course calling for a shopping and fashion victim like me, so enjoy my super shopping achievements.

What is a woman's biggest weakness apart from shoes? Right, her best companion, the perfect bag by her side. The two floral ones by Oilily and the beige one from TOPMANN.

Because I do everything with love I chose an accessory with love for my iPhone.

My big addiction jewelry.
The trend bracelets: Leather blucke bracelets in purple and white leo-print.

A red bracelet and a lucky catch because they perfect fit to my classy earrings.

Something perfect for spring: Three bracelets connected to each other in the trend colors pink, orange and yellow.

You like well decorated wrists but plonking annoys you? They this is the perfect alternative.

And here is a look w/ two new ins water proof shoes with fur in them from my parents I got for Christmas and new earring with a fitting necklace.

More new ins in the next post.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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