Star-Style #7: Mary-Jean O'Doherty

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May is back, Eurovision is back and with it posts about Eurovision originally by Fall4Me. Building Bridges is this year's motto and it looks like everyone is following this motto: Eurovision built a bridge to Australia which became a new participating country, my country of origin, Armenia, has built bridges to all over the world and founded the super-group Genealogy of six artists with Armenian origin, one from Armenia, the other five from each continent of the world (Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australia); and even I have followed the motto and built a bridge to the artists. For the famous Fall4Me star-style articles to Mary-Jean Anaïs O'Doherty Basmadjian the representative of Australia and fifth member of Genealogy.

The artist is a soprano opera singer who was born to an Armenian mother and an Australian father living in the capital of Wales, Cardiff with her Welsh husband.
My first impression were that she is filling the role of the lady within the group of Genealogy. Further impressions were her big blue-grey eyes and her voice that amazes me every time anew. After all these breath-taking impressions I wanted to know it myself: Is Mary-Jean a flawless, British opera lady or is the fierce rock chick hiding somewhere inside her? Get to know it below with a cute message to us.

Fall4Me: Dear Mary-Jean, first of all I am very happy and thrilled that you agreed to an interview and I am sure my readers are very excited to get to know you as well. So the first question is: Have you always been the lady we have got to know you as? 
Mary-Jean O'Doherty: I grew up a bit of a tomboy actually - I hated things which were too girly and frilly.

How would you describe your personal style? What were your influences?
In my twenties I discovered what it means to dress like a lady because of my Armenian singing teacher in Australia, Arax Mansourian. Arax is the quintessential "opera diva." She is always beautifully dressed and immaculately presented. Arax' style is timeless elegance and something I aspire to. Maria Callas is another style icon who influences me. Maria was the "Audrey Hepburn" of the opera world and she brought effortless chic to opera, in syle similar to Audrey (another fashion hero of mine).

How does your style underline your personality and lifestyle? Are you always classy and ladylike or is there a crazy Mary-Jean hidden inside you?
I think inside every woman is an elegant lady, but I love how Eurovision has brought out my inner rock star! "The Queen of the Night" is one opera role who embodies both the elegant lady and crazy rock star - she is fierce! (Her second aria could very comfortably fit in a metal band).

Looking at yourself: Do you feel rather British/Australian influenced in your style or do you recognize the Armenian heritage in you? Both my Australian grandma Helen Jean O'Doherty and my Armenian Grandma Anait Aghabadian Basmadjian were stylish elegant women. Anait was a seamstress by trade and she followed all the latest French couture. She dressed my mum very well. Helen Jean was a very classy lady and enjoyed dressing up for the opera and ballet when she went to the Sydney Opera House. I think both grandmothers have influenced me.

Are there certain people whom you admire for their style or rather whose style you like? If so, who is it? 
Arax Mansourian, and Audrey Hepburn.

Talking about favorites what are your favorite items in your closet?
My concert dresses - each one is different and holds special memories. Also, a dress my grandma Anait made for my mother. When I wear it, I feel like I am getting a hug from my grandma.

What is your advice for someone who has not found her personal style yet and is unsure?
Style is a personal journey. Young women should experiment, take risks and enjoy the process. Fashion is constantly evolving but style is eternal.

Last but not least: Do you have a special message for the Fall4Me readers?
Love you all! Thanks for your support xxx

We love you too Mary-Jean and such a kind girl like you deserves every support, so do not forget to follow Mary-Jean on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay tuned about her journey in Eurovision. And remember to vote for her as Eurovision's Top Model 2015.

Love, Johanna

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