It's Not The Time To Destroy Yourself

Hello my beloved readership,

do you know the feeling when you have been looking forward to something and then it did not take place?
Do you know the feeling when you have decided to work hard to fulfill your dream and then it looks like it is being crushed by someone else (unintentionally)?
The feeling when you fell in love with someone and then it turns out that there is another special someone in this person's life?
The feeling when you worked hard for an exam but you still failed and have to repeat?
Do you know the feeling that from 100 to zero your emtions drop into sadness, frustration and desperation and you end up in tears because you feel alone with your sorrow in the world and feel like you will never make it?

For all those - in other words all - of you I have something to say: It is not the time to destroy yourself from a fall. We let ourself falling too easily and too hard. This makes the pain even worse and we let ourselfs hanging. The more relaxed we are the softer the fall becomes and we still can guard ourselves with an halt. Take a mintue to breathe and relax. Take a look into the horizons and read what the sky is telling you. Try to find the way yourself with a chill. Chilling is stylish. Chilling is cool. The chill is the stimulus you neglect and underestimate too much but it is back and it will keep you going. Just believe in the beauty and popularity of it.

Knit cardigan - Zara
Tee - She by Karstadt
Jeans - New Look
Belt - Cache Cache
Pumps - Romwe
Watch - Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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