Anaïs Collombier Créations X Fall4Me #1: Tribute To Her Bright Skies

Hej my beloved readership,

on the passed weekend I have had a special guest at home, my sister from the other mother officially known as Anaïs Collombier. Anaïs Collombier is an 18-year-old model, photographer, graphic designer, guitarist, drummar, song-writer and background singer from France.

During our wonderful city trip with my main and top photographer also known as my best friend and partner in crime Sara we have been promoting Anaïs' and my (besides Vanilla Ninja) most favorite rock band Her Bright Skies who were supposed to have a concert in Hamburg that Saturday.

In a video (which you can find on my Instagram: @JohannaVonKarajan) we have sent them greetings with their official sponsor Monster Energy (the green flavour because it is Jolly's (bassist and vocals) favorite one).

Our main shooting took part in the Hamburg club scene Schanze, where the band was supposed to have their concert in the club "Kleiner Donner" (English: Little Thunder). Anaïs and I have taken their first guitarist Nikki as our role model and posed the same way as he did.

Photo: Facebook

Anaïs' outfit:
Leather jacket - Jennyfer
Handbag, pumps - GUESS?

My outfit:
Leather jacket - Gipsy
Belt, blouse - C&A
Jeans - New Look
Ankle boots - GUESS
Cardigan - Paparazzi
Lipstick - P2

In part two of our special Annabella and I are going to show flower-power. Stay tuned. Meeting-point: Here!

Do not forget to follow Anaïs Collombier Créations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Her Bright Skies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with their members, Jaybee: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pete: Twitter, Instagram, Jolly: Twitter, Instagram, Nikki: Twitter, Instagram.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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