Confessions Of The Super-Shopaholic

Ciao belli,

Oops...  did it again! But twice in a year you may raid the shops.

The super-shopaholic knows especially when to shop: At the end of January when you can get high quality items from luxurious labels for lowest prizes and still look like a million dollar baby.
After all the super-shopaholic's philosphy is: "Why buying something now if you know you can get it later much cheaper?"
The super-shopaholic has friends in every regular store to enjoy some extra discount.
Even the super-shopaholic has a certain dresscode: Comfortable but chic shoes and a big bag which she hangs over her shoulder because she needs both hands and some more.
The super-shopaholic isn't an egoist but she lives in her own time-zone.

So much to the super-shopaholic now I would like to know what you think of le new in:

A running gag: I change my bag every week during the semester. I wonder who noticed until now.
Shoppers - Douglas

Necklace à la Cartier - Douglas

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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