A Mercedes Is Not Replaceable By Anything

Hi dears,

trust me, I've missed you so much! But January always is a tough time. Especially this year because of the elections of the Hamburg parliament and as you know I am as well a candidate. However I must not neglect university and moreover not you. So I have decided to take you to one of my journeies I have been on just yesterday.

I accompanied my parents to the Mercedes Benz establishment of Hamburg. The place where I spent a major time of my childhood changed just like the simple Nokia 6310 to a smartphone. I literally shook my head and had to take a second look at the huge building in the Friedrich-Ebert-Damm. But my surprise was definitely of positivity. This is one of the moments when I would laugh brightly about myself because I love building of glass to be honest just as the little houses that remind you of a village.

The inside hardly changed - in comparison to the outside. However they renewed the lounge and café where I allowed myself some quality that looked like hot chocolate offered by the kind service that the most admired and luxury car-company of Germany offers you.

Check out my impressions below:

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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