White Extended - Facilitas Essendi

Hello my sweethearts,

after a long delay due to work but also a very sad occasion I am back with great news. First of all I officially want to thank everyone for following me on Instagram (@JohannaKarajan) for following and helping me to 300 followers.
Secondly the community Raise.com - a marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards for your favorite brands but also sell unused card for cash - has started a campaign called "Closet Swap". This campaign is about exclusive fashion bloggers presenting their closet transition into summer attire. They want to know about the bloggers personal trends and highlights for this summer and guess who was chosen in the group to take part in this project, correct, your favorite blogger Johanna from Fall4Me.

This summer my spring feelings have arisen more than ever. Furthermore I feel like a flower who is blossoming more beautiful than all the others. But at the same time these feelings make me feel lighter. While everyone looked like a pure bride all in white last year this the trend extends: From purity you go over to the facility of being (facilitas essendi). The trend inspired by the Hamburg designer Liz Malraux is about wearing white along with all the colors that come to your mind. The requirement however is to wear the colors in a pastel shade to feel the light and bright side of life like you have never felt it before.

Another important essential for this summer are, as mentionned, flowers. I can't go without flower crowns this season and wear them to every possible occasion as you will notice. This is on the one hand inspired by my spring feelings but on the other hand especially by Cleo and the beautiful Polish girls from Eurovision 2014, the Slavic girls who know how to use their charming beauty. It is their nature, their call and their hot Slavic blood. We all can join and learn from them and attract men better than we thought. Since I have Eastern European origin myself can just confirm this.

Flower Crown - Johanna Karajan Design
Earrings & necklace - SIX
Top - H&M
Bracelet - New Look
Watch - Wempe
Skirt - She by Karstadt
Wedges - Görtz17

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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