Even I Can't Say No

Good evening my beloved readership,

it is compact, it is practical, it is an all-rounder. Let's be honest, in the last three years the smartphones have developed to our constant company in everyday-life. No surprise, after all these little computers make us available at any place and time. They probably are a blessing and a curse but this is not what I want to talk about today. Approximately one month ago I allowed myself a new iPhone 5S after I have had my iPhone 4G for almost for years. I feel blessed and happy to be risen the way to value material, especially when it is of a higher cost. So I take good care of my new phone not to get any scratches.

It was a really long journey until I have finally found the perfect iPhone case for me. One that would be suitable for every occasion, timelessly trendy and one that would suit of a young adult woman like me.
Usually pink is one of my anti-colors. I don't like it because I have got the feeling that girls and society abuse it in the sense of the girl-princess cliché. Apart from that I am more into blue and purple. But when I saw the floral case my cousin - who is like a big sister to me - had from Ted Baker for her iPhone 5 and saw that one by one of my most favorite designer labels, Christian Dior, also offers one on Romwe, I knew that it and I are made for each other. With such a case even I can't say no although it is pink.

At least I have had an occasion to take my Dior bag on a walk in a sunny park near home after work during the sunset. In a look inspired by Catherine Oxenberg as Amanda Carrington. Capitalism is keeping us from enjoying our beloved nature more and more. It is important to pull a line at times, take a break from work and rest or else you will end up sick like me on such a weather.

Bag - Christian Dior
Top - Pimkie
Marlene pants - C&A
Earrings & necklace - SIX
Watch - Wempe
High-heels - Style In Shows & Accessories
Bracelet - Bijour Brigitte

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Such cute photos! And you're so right with our new companion in our everyday life... smartphones!

    xx, Tamara




  3. so stunning.love the nail polish the colour is so pretty
    keep intouch


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