Bloggers Are Noticed By Their Outfit - Ladies' Night, The 3rd

Heyhey my beloved readership,

finally I have the strength and health again to tell you about the spectacular announced Ladies' Night which took place in the department store Karstadt in the city center of Hamburg for the second time this year on November 28, 2013. For me it was the third one I have attended to. 

When the shops are officially closed after 8 pm Karstadt celebrated a little party with the ladies of Hamburg: shopping with discount, sparkling wine, cocktails and other drinks, a little snack or diverse types of sweets to try and some smaller or bigger highlights awaited you, such as photoshootings, giveaways or celebrities. 

My personal highlight was the "Fashion Hero" special: the young designer, shooting star and newcomer in the world of fashion designers Marcel Ostertag, who has won in the TV show "Fashion Hero" by Claudia Schiffer and started his career with it, presented his winning-collection on a little fashion show, a little interview and autograph session afterwards. With him was one of the judges, the Swiss fashion designer André Maeder. 

Model: Barbara Wilsky 

 The final

 Trend altert for winter and Christmas: RED! Two versions of the Fashion Hero's design for women who prefer pants and women who love dresses.

Why it was a highlight? First of all because I have had a place in the very first row again. Apart from that I was the first one whom André Maeder took a photo with and right after I said that I'm a blogger, the managers of this event, one of the models and even the designers said that they knew I am involved in fashion because of my cool outfit, wished me luck on my way of blogging and promoted me from their side. 

"Would you smile into my camera please?" 

With André Maeder 

 Cheers Marcel

Two stars in the world of fashion: designer Marcel Ostertag and blogger Johanna Karajan from Fall4Me

Marcel for Fall4Me 

Greetings from André Maeder to Fall4Me
(check out the other videos on my Youtube-channel soon)

The best thing was that I could experience all this with my best friend. I love you ♥ 

Photoshooting with my bestie by Karstadt with a Hamburg landscape of your choice (either the Speicherstadt or the Town Hall Square) or as a blue and snowy Christmas card. 

Cheers - here with Jägermeister and Schweppes 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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