You Never Have Enough Shoes

Hello, hello my loves ♥

I'm back from a perfect shopping day after a long period of learning and hard working and it felt very good especially because we're having an amazing summer weather here. Perfect for the beginning of the lecture free time. But tomorrow more about my shopping day.

Today I would like to introduce you to another summer trend from the spring issue of the H&M magazine: Roman sandals - if you don't have them you definitely don't have enough shoes because these are a real must-have in every summer season.

Roman sandals are always an eye-catcher and perfect to be worn in summer to a feminine fanciful hippie-look or a sporty and casual jeans-look. My best suggestions are flower skirts, summer skirts with beautiful pattern or shorts.

Whistle - Douglas; bracelets - Claire's; watch - Chanel; Roman sandals (black) - Tac; shorts - C&A (shortened by me)

Top - L&B; shorts - New Yorker; bracelets - Claire's; watch - Wempe; sunglasses - Carrera; Roman sandals - Tac

As you can see I've adapted my tops to my shoes and wear lots of love messages with me as I'm crazy for shoes and look forward to m holidays in L.A. The focus on the shoes gets better like that.

Thanks to my beloved E. & N. for the amazing photos.

Xoxo♥ Johanna

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