Every Color Has A Meaning

Salut :)

First of all I would like to announce that I'm very excited because my Facebook page is only seven people away from 300 likes. Thank you already for all the shares and likes ♥

secondly thank you for over 400 karma and all the new fans on Lookbook and followers on Fashiolista. Hope my amounts of followers will grow on Twitter, Bloglovin, Google, Tumblr, Instagram and Youtube/Dailymotion too but you made me optimistic.

Since Monday I have had the creative idea to dress uniform in one color - but possibly differentl shades - and set little accents.
It all started that I've decided to dress completely in greeen as it is the color of hope, for my exam which I had on Monday and was very nervous about. Thank you for all the good wishes, I have good news that I have a good feeling :)

I also thought to in addition explain to you which color has which meaning.

So here I go:
Green Monday - Green in the first place stands for hope, because it is the color of the nature, the plants and the spring. Therefore we associate health, balance, beginning love, life and survival with it. This all is leading to hope.
Green was the color I really needed for Monday as I was too nervous and needed some calmness and hope. It is as well the color of everything correct and luck.

Brown Tuesday - Brown is the color of the earth and the ground. Therefore this color stands for people who aren't demanding and down to earth. Brown is spreading warmth and also symbolizes that people are longing  for secure. The earth this from what everything comes from that's why it also stands for motherhood and protection.
But it also stands for oppression and people with low self-confidence.

Blue Wednesday - Blue is the color of wisdom, trust, truth and the enternity. In the first place it is the color of the sea and the sky, both are deep and infinite.
Blue stands for everything positive like friendship, peace, happiness or contentedness.
Then it was the color of kings and queens, only they were allowed to were it. It is the most popular color and on photos it brings the best effect.
It is the new black. Fall4Me says it is the black with happiness.

Beige Thursday - Beige is the color naturality. It is the color of our skin and a brighter version of brown. It stands for calmness and enjoying company. On that day I've worked together with many friends from and for university.

White Friday - White is trendy, which is argued to be a color but white has a meaning, too. It collects all the colors into one. It reminds of weddings and the pure and innocent bride. It is the light. That's what it stands for: purity, innocence, perfection, unity and immaculate states.
It is cheering up, peaceful and clear. We associate angels, spirits and gods with it. Therefore it mainly refers to spiritual purity.

Personally I see white as a color, what about you?

I hope you enjoyed this entry and its little lecture. More next week after my exam.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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