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Good evening sweethearts,

forgive me that it has become late again but summertime always means planning, planning, planning and being outside too but therefore we have more energy in summer to stay up long and enjoy the one or other calm evening or follow the news in the next morning.

I would like to share the good news with you before I come to the actual post. Finally one more work is left until I can fully enjoy the big summer holidays and today I've got my first seminary paper back with a good grade so another big burden fell off my shoulders and one thing less to worry about.

About this week's shopping I can say that I literally raided the the British label New Look which we have in the shop Karstadt in the city center of Hamburg. Since Monday I have gone shopping there with my mother almost every day - she fell for Laura Biagiotti. With that I could present you some shoppingable summerlooks on my Lookbook. I remember that once I've told you that my main shopping outfit includes black opaque tights and a skirt. In summer you don't wear it naturally therefore in summer I mainly wear shorts, sandals to take off quickly and easily and a top or longtops with leggings and sometimes even skirts or pants - it actually depends on my other plans.

In this post I will not only present you shopping results but also (coming) trends.

Day #1: A day when you actually first look what the shops offer you. Mostly a day to check out things and sleep a night over them and compare if necessary. You just buy things you have to have and those from which only few or single ones are left.

Wedges - Görtz17: Here I remind you of the pastel trend and the trend of the rich and beautiful of the 80s combined in one. The trendy girl of today walks through the shopping malls mean and at least 10 cm taller and which trendy girl doesn't love high shoes on which you can walk safe and comfortably?

Earrings - I am: Big earrings are another trend of the 80s and black earrings are always needed if not now because blue is the new black then later for sure. Black will return for winter more glamorous than ever with dark red lips.

Tights and leggings - Hudson: The leggings give you a little peek to the "Accessory of the Month: August": printed pants or rather leggings but more precize it will be next week. About the tights I can remind you of the trend of the colored pants in winter and tights in fall. This trend will remain. Do you see the coral colored pants? We have two new reds this year but a summer without coral isn't a summer.

Top & Pullover - Mango: What catches your eye? - The beautiful embroidered shoulders? Another 80s trend and something which always catches my eye because this style looks always so noble no matter how casual you wear it. Rivets and silver for winter, colorful and big for summer.

Day #2: On That day we've checked out another Karstadt in Hamburg to buy cosmetics from our dear shop assistant. She again gave me great samples for perfumes as I've bought my powder from Shiseido.

Day #3: The day when we returned to the city center but the dress I saw on New Look was already away :'( you can certainly imagine how frustrated I was. But other new great clothes becalmed my heart.

Waist jeans - New Look: If you watched the show "Shopping Queen" by Guido Maria Kretschmer on the German VOX  this week it was about the "Jeans Queen" and her perfect Denim look. I would recommend waist jeans, especially these ones were a real lucky catch because the waist was perfect on me as the length. Usually the jeans are too long on me because I'm not very tall (1,65 m). They are very elegant in the world of casuality and also belong to the 80s and 90s when you mosty either wore your tops under the pants or short tops. A few years ago this trend was celebrated for nowadays, too.

 Longtop - New Look: In a flower print. At this point I remind you of the flower-trend from last month and  give you a preview on how to wear the coming "Accessory of the Month".

Summer blouse - New Look: Something I adore blouses without a collar.

 Tank top - New Look: In the trendy coral. Rather something for fall/winter.

Shorts - New Look

Day #4: Today we actually went shopping for my father and brother but it is always worth checking out New Look because today I've found beautiful jewelries in the 80s style and torn bright jeans. Is trendier even possible?

My big weakness - Pears and ribbons - be elegant (!) with stud earrings.

I really raided New Look didn't I? - Enjoy the trends and shopping results!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. The floral shirt and eyerings are amazing! ♥

  2. Congratulation with the great shopping!
    Your stuff looks so pretty and very cute!!!

  3. love your new purchase :D well done!

  4. lots of new things!



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