Hello dearies,

wellness is something which is very important in my quite stressful everyday life - that's why I have two main wellness-days the week, Friday and Sunday. The most important thing on my wellness day is sleeping off to fill the hours off insomnia I was having to get up early. Long but moreover enough sleep keeps you healthy and naturally beautiful, no surprise it belongs to our most important basic needs.

I start my wellness-days (just like every other day) with positive emotions (i.e. my mantra: I want to do some charity big or small at least once a day.)
Positive emotions are not only good for your sphere. They avoid bad things to happen and prevent them or make them go away. With a positive, clear and cool mind you can solve every problem. Sure you cannot always be happy however you should always remember even if bad things may happen to stay positive or regain your positive thoughts and that it will always be fine. Because with that you are also contagious to the people around you. Apart from that positive emotions are good for your skin and especially for your health. A laugh and smile keep you young and glorious and they look much better on you.

On my wellness-days I always take my time and even more i.e. for a long hot bath with hair-shampoo, conditioner and shower gel with strong, sweet  gentle aromas. Something which is also indispensible during my bath or shower is a body and face-peeling.

After my shower creams and oils are very important that is why I buy body-lotions with a high content of oil (very good for irritated skin). Then I use my invisible roll-on deodorant by NIVEA (as it does not demage your clothes) and a perfume, here I want to present and recommand you the new fragrance by LANCÔME "La vie est belle" it is very soft and sweet if you compare it to LANCÔME's other fragrances but also attractive. For my lips I always use my Labello - velvet rosé lipstick and for my face after having plucked my eye-brows the face-lotion by the Estonian label Puhas Loodus (pure lotus) with the aroma of cucumber (I like exotic aromas) and a face-cream from moisturizing creme from L'Oreal to calm my skin. I usually pluck my eye-brows at an Persian beauty salon for special events but otherwise I can do it on my own.

After having used the creams I'm clapping my whole body for a natural tightening and do some gymnastics.

Afterwards I'm drying my natural curly hair straight. First I'm combing my hair straight in the form I want it to be with the blue comb then when it's dry I comb it once again with the black one while holding the dryer at my hair and give it the structure with the white one and the dryer. At the end it gets combed again with the blue one and fixed with the hair creme by John Frieda.

In the evening I have time for my famous nails of the week - I always use a natural peeling with sugar and cream-soap, then I cut and file my nails and paint them.
This week they want to make a party and are ready for Sylvester - colourful and metallic as they are.
Once again I can mainly recommand P2 colours and and the quick dry spray because I'm always needed at home and don't have much time for waiting them to dry.

On my wellness-days I'm accompanied by good-mood music and funny tv series. Sitcoms or cartoons.

I would and I recommend wellness-days to everyone because no matter how busy you are you should always take your time for health and beauty because without them nothing works!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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