yesterday one of my fans asked for an entry about winter-jackets, of course I'm always here to fulfill the favours of my dear fans.

Check out my "collection" below:

1.) For windy and wet days I prefer my short black quilted jacket from Mango. It keeps you warm and can be worn in two different ways with an open collar or a closed one. It is especially comfortable if you're out with friends i.e. at an amusement park. The big pockets are as well to mention as you can pack away your most important things in it and take them out as quickly again.

Quilted Jacket - Mango

2.) The white version rather reminds of a sporty ski-jacket whereas I'd rather wear it ladylike with tights, high ankle boots and skirts as it's long and keeps you warm down very well.

Quilted Jacket - Mango

3.) For dry but windy days I love coats in the style of the English heritage as I've already posted about. Whereas you should dress warm underneath. I would recommand to wear black down underneath to make it look elegant or at least brown. Keep it English.

Coat - Tally Weijl

4.) & 5.)  If the minus degrees are rising you need even warmer jackets and a even warmer headgear. My prefered style is the Russian elegance. The famous Shapka (prefered with the fur of rabbits) it's cuddly and soft and naturally warm. Be careful and keep it well so it won't get harmed. See my two differently varieties below:

Fur coat (with a rivet belt for a beautiful waist or without) - Karstadt

Fur coat - C& A

6.) Last but not least the less elegant version if you are on an adventure with friends. Is the popular bomber jacket which has a hood integrated so you don't need your warm headgear to be put away.

Bomber jacket - Madonna

As you see I love jackets with belts. Because for my elegant look I need my waist.

Already prepared for the winter? - Then hurry up!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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