Wake Up, It's Spring! Soft Orange Embraces Deep Denim: Choices

Hello my dearest readers,

life consists of moment and every moment is the result of a choice between either or. But until the choice is made there is a huge process to go through. It is a confrontation of heat and coolness, the choices that lead further. The trend of soft orange - bright or dark - that embraces denim of deep shade best describe the choices.

I for myself am a horrible person when it comes to choices that have not been considered for an enough amount of time balancing the pros and cons within an inner argumentation as if finding myself in a parliamental speech. If I do not have or take that moment of full thinking then I always turn out to change my mind in the last moment. Whenever you want to take some time for healthy thinking not every period in life allows you to do so. It is a confrontation of wild fire and deep calmness.

This year's spring if full of spice and air. It is calling out for waking up rapidly, take aim for discipline and work-through your to do list until a well deserved chill afterwards in summer. So, does this lively spring leave you any more time left for well thought-through choices? I may doubt so. But in the end all this bunch of work turns out to be a positive stress and running as you discover why you - let us come back to it - have chosen this hard(-working) way. The fun with fancy spicy fashion may underline the sacred choice from which there is not coming back even though you were more or less directed by something else to make exactly that choice.

Another confrontation of heat and coolness. Sometimes even I wonder to myself if I really needed this kind of stress. For the time being I hardly can answer to the question how I am doing without using that word of stress in it. Then I take that moment to think whether if I am really stressed while others, fellows, idols or friends look so carefree and enjoying life. In that moment I realize that I may lack of time sometimes but nevertheless I am still at my finest and doing great with everything I am surrounded by. What exactly it is that all that is bearing I am going to tell you another time.
For now: wake up, it's spring!

My Look In Details:

  • Bowknot denim blouse by s.Oliver
  • Skinny high waist pants by Vero Moda
  • Boots by GUESS
  • Handbag by Belmundo
Love, Johanna

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