Shades Of Blue: Love At The Second Side

Hello my beloved readership,

"I am going for it, no matter what happens", we keep saying to ourselves and promise it to the world until destiny plays a trick on us and makes our heart get weak on something else - if not in the first then doubtlessly in the longer run.

What does it mean to fall in love at the second sight? What is behind this phenomenon that is managing to take over us every time anew? It simply means to get to know something (or rather someone) better before making a final judgement. Of course, a first impression is not less of importance but the love at the second sight often pays off. Because when the time is given getting to know something or someone better a bad first sight in the most cases turns into a good second impression that lasts longer.

In the last article concerning choices we have learned that if you do not have enough time to think it is a collision of spice and air. The look which makes the colors of spring 2017 taught us that the stress and lack of time however can be seen as positive, as well as the result of the stress. But because the risk of this collision always exists it is important to give another chances. Apart from that I bet that all we want is peace within as well as around us. Therefore you should take your time to get to know someone or something better than staying in a clinch because of the first impression.

Round two for shades of blue: love at the second sight, third, forth, fifth and sixth wins because in the longer run it is much more convincing. Just like the nail polish I have chosen. After I have rejected the dark and metallic colors because I wanted positive and cheerful colors I was convinced to take black and metal color, but as I laid them on each other I did not realize that I unconsciously laid those two shades of blue on each other that pulled me onto them. I was gifted to discover a beautiful and funny effect: thermal colors.

Thanks to Tham from Thanh Nails for the kind welcome and great work.

Visit Thanh Nails in Hamburg

You will find her in the city center of Hamburg near the central station at the street Lange Reihe 1-5.

Love, Johanna

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